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I haven’t tried clinical hypnosis before, but wanted to find relief from lifelong motion sickness. I was pleasantly surprised at the different practical suggestions and visualisation exercises Blake suggested,

and even more surprised to find a great improvement in my motion sickness after one session. Thank you!

 - Grace

I booked a past-life regression session with Blake. It helped me remove blocks from my subconscious that I hadn’t been able to move consciously! Blake’s space is beautiful and her voice as she leads you through the session is absolutely beautiful! Thank you Blake!

- Amy

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for an amazing experience. I am still blown away by my past life regression and I will be doing some research into it for sure. I cannot wait to see you in a few weeks for my after life regression. Thank you again - I have told so many people about it and will be giving your details to my family and friends.

- Gina

Thank you so much for my fantastic session today! I'm looking forward to letting all this amazing new information sink in. Our session was truly amazing. I highly recommend Blake, she is awesome. Feeling blessed.

- Megan

I first met Blake when I was fortunate enough to take part in a soul regression therapy session with her. It was during this I session I was able to experience the passion and professionalism Blake is admired for. So, when it came time to explore the roots of some ongoing personal issues Blake was the only person I felt could help me tackle the causes of problems which had lead to decades of ongoing inner torment. After a handful of short but incredibly effective sessions I know feel I've taken control of my life once again. Can't thank Blake enough or recommend her strongly enough.

- Christopher

Blake thank you for my Past Life Regression. I am so glad you were able to take me back, I have tried other therapists and was not able to. You made me feel very comfortable and safe. The experience and knowledge has made a huge difference in my life. I feel like I'm born again. I see with so much more clarity. I grew spiritually! My life is better now because I'm able to heal from issues that I bought with me from the past. Thank you again!

- Sara

I cannot express my gratitude enough to Blake. Before my QHHT session I was experiencing chronic pain in my lower back for several years. I saw my doctor and was prescribed pain medication, it didn’t help. I also regularly saw a physiotherapist and massage therapist, which only relieved the pain for a very short time after each visit. I even saw a psychologist, but it didn’t help either. During my session with Blake I felt so comfortable and relaxed. It was such an interesting experience, I was able to connect with my higher self and gain insights into the root cause of my pain. During the session my higher self also provided me with emotional and physical healing, I was finally able to release the chronic pain. Since my session 4 weeks ago I still have no pain, some days I can’t believe it to be true. I feel like a new person.

I have been recommending you to all of my family and friends. Thank you!

- Jemma

Both the hypnosis sessions I have had with Blake have been brilliant. She is so approachable and put me at ease.

I felt very comfortable. She takes her time to get to know you. There were laughs and also profound moments. The experience overall has been life changing. The perspective I got from viewing my past lives and also from the Quantum Healing Hypnosis which looked at my soul much more closely has been mind blowing and it has helped me understand myself a lot better. Things make more sense now. I also found there was a lot of physical healing after the Quantum Healing session. Instantly I had a major improvement in my eyesight, my right eye was blurry for 9 months before I went in, it cleared up significantly on the spot. The healing is remarkable. I have also found improvements in my confidence, my relationships with my family members and my sense of purpose. It really put me at ease to be able to contact a part of myself which is so loving and kind. I felt a great level of acceptance which is now with me always. I was going through a very difficult experience with an insurance claim, the session gave me the insights I needed to resolve it, I have since achieved a very pleasing outcome.

This was the best experience I could have had at this point in my life when I felt at a bit of a crossroads.

I recommend that everyone give it a try if they can. We are so lucky to have Blake in the community available to do this incredible and life changing work. Thank you Blake. 

- Louise

I highly recommend Blake. I recently had a QHTT session with her. Additionally, I’ve participated in past life soul regression, hypnosis and sound healing sessions. Blake is warm, empathetic and a great listener. She puts you at ease the minute you step into her relaxing and comfortable studio. Out of all of the different options she provides, QHTT has been my favourite. The session occurred during a particularly challenging period of my life and it helped greatly with settling me in the middle of a crisis. It helped me gain perspective, to understand why certain events have occurred in my life and what I truly want in my future. I left feeling relaxed, relieved and excited. Blake is a professional and skilled practitioner. I am so grateful that she is here on the South Coast!

- Rita

I have had the pleasure of sitting with Blake on many occasions in sessions and sound healings, but I
will never forget the feeling of my very first session. I left the session feeling so heard, seen and held.
I LOVE sitting in session with Blake, her energy is calming and non-judgemental.
I feel so truly blessed to have had a QHHT session with Blake. The healing and shifts from this session
were hugely impactful on my life. During this one session I addressed life long and generational
trauma, pain, fear and health issues. I gained a higher understanding of myself and my needs while
freeing my body from so much heavy and unnecessary baggage. As I listen to the recording, I am blown away every time by how much was covered and the amount of healing received in such a short amount of time.
As I sit and journal while reflecting back on how far I’ve come in the weeks since my QHHT session,

I am simply blown away by how much has changed in my life. I am forever grateful Blake, thank you.
- Amanda


I have worked with Blake a couple of times via zoom over the past few years and finally had a 1:1 in person session earlier this year. It was an amazing experience, from the calm setting to the little snacks provided.

I came in to the session with a very open mind and what came up from past lives that linked to anxiety in this life was mind blowing…The journey I went on was incredible and found many places that I am draw too from my local area were prominent in past lives…During this session I was also able to find a reason for a habit I have and have been able to work towards fixing this…I left the session amazed and inquisitive to deepening my connect to my higher self… 

I hope to make this a yearly thing in my journey of healing and learning 

Blake is such a beautiful presence and I felt safe to delve in to this journey with her.

- Kirby

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