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Hello & Welcome to my website!


My name is Blake Haver.

Here is a little bit about me...

My first experience with Reiki/Energy Healing was 30 years ago, I had a massage and the therapist also did Reiki, Aromatherapy and Crystal was amazing, life changing and the beginning of my personal healing journey and sparked my interest in alternative options to the mainstream.


A few years later I had my first experience with Hypnotherapy, I was highly anxious, depressed and stressed which had caused severe IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). My GP suggested I attend a Clinical Trial through the UNSW for Relaxation Therapy (aka Clinical Hypnotherapy) I didn't know how to relax, as I was in constant fight or flight mode due to multiple traumatic events. So I signed up and by my 2nd session my symptoms had eased and by my 3rd session I didn't have any IBS issues ever again...this furthered my interest in alternative therapies.

I endured years of trauma, after trauma...from a very young age. Depression, Anxiety, CPTSD, headaches, weight gain, name it followed. I saw my GP and was prescribed Anti-anxiety/depressant medication, that didn't help me, it made me numb and I believe it made me endure more suffering. I wasn't living, I was barely existing. I saw counsellors, therapists, psychologists, I tried everything...then something in me clicked, something changed, I knew I couldn't keep doing this. With my GP's supervision I weaned off my medication I had been on for 10 years, I stopped taking the contraceptive pilI and I started researching, studying, learning, meditating, eating well, exercising, etc...I started to heal. 

By overcoming these adversities and using a truckload of alternative healing methods it has given me the strength, courage and life experience (plus years + years of study) to help guide others to heal themselves.

In the past, I had quite often thought “Why is this happening to me?” I now ask "What did this teach me?" I have learnt so much, with still so much to learn...


Which brings us to now, I feel drawn to help people, to guide them how to use what they already have within to help them understand themselves better, to heal.


Wellness is more than being healthy through eating well and exercising. It is creating a growth mindset, engaging in simple but positive effective "focused" practices to make long-term beneficial changes to one's life. 


I don’t just use a one size fits all approach, I use a combination of alternative holistic healing methods based on the individual needs of my client...encompassing mind, body and soul to bring about balance in the now by releasing limiting thoughts and behaviours. By working through their past and their present, to prepare them for their future, by reigniting their inner light.

I am intuitively guided and professionally trained by my knowledgeable teachers.

If you decide to work with me I will guide you to remember what your soul already knows. Together we can shift your mindset!

My Knowledgeable Teachers:

John and Lorna Jackson @ Hypnotherapy Learning Hub

Rick Collingwood @ The Australian Academy of Hypnosis

Dr Brian Weiss @ The Weiss Institute 

​Dr Karen E Wells @ U.C.E.

Julia Cannon (Dolores Cannon) @ Soul Speak / Metaphysics Academy / Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy



△ Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)® by Dolores Cannon Level 2

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)® by Dolores Cannon Level 1 

△ Advanced Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy - Psychotherapy 

○ Certificate of Personality Integration Psychotherapy

△ Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy - Psychotherapy

○ Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy

△ Soul Speak Certificate

○ Master Hypnotherapist 

△ Past Life Regression Certificate

○ Clinical Hypnotherapy Certificate

△ Certificate of Soul Regression Therapy®

○ Advanced Diploma Sound Therapy

△ Diploma in Meditation & Mindfulness

○ Holistic Counselling Diploma 

△ Reiki I & II Certificate(s)

○ Suicide Prevention Training 

△ Introduction to Energetic & Spiritual Healing

○ First Aid & CPR 

△ 46 laps around the Sun 

Interviews & Podcasts:

Girl Awakening Podcast


MysticMag Interview

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