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Past Life Regression can help you to discover, clarify or clear any soul agreements made that no longer serve you. Fears, habits, phobias, wealth, and health issues can be anchored in our distant past and stored in our energy field, forming inner conflicts and health problems in this life. Once cleared any problems often disappear.
It is preferred clients have successfully experienced a Past Life Regression with me first before they book for the more advanced After Life Regression session. This helps to prepare the mind to work in the deeper states and the session usually achieves better results.
People who are already familiar with hypnosis tend to enter into the hypnotic state more rapidly and are able to achieve a greater depth than those encountering this altered state of consciousness for the first time.

Soul Regression Therapy - Past Life Regression (SRT PLR) includes pre-talk and de-brief after session, also includes a recording of your session ~ in my clinic (NOT available online)

Session Fee $275 (duration approx 2-3 hours)



Clinical Hypnotherapy is guided hypnosis, or a trance-like state of focus and concentration. This trance-like state is similar to being completely absorbed in a book, movie, music, or even one's own thoughts or meditations. In this state, clients can turn their attention completely inward to find and utilise the natural resources deep within themselves that can help them make changes or regain control in certain areas of their life. I use both Suggestion Therapy and PIP, based on clients individual needs/responses. My sessions may assist with; Addiction, Anxiety, Depression, Fears, Pain, Phobias, PTSD, Relationships, Self Confidence, Sleep Issues, Smoking, Trauma, Weight Loss, PLUS much, much, much, more!

Clinical Hypnotherapy ~ in my clinic or online via Zoom 
Initial Consultation Session Fee $175 (duration approx 1-1.5 hours)
Subsequent Session(s) Session Fee $125 (duration approx 3/4-1 hour) 

Young Adults (18-21 years old) Session Fee $75 (duration approx 3/4-1 hour) 
Children/Teens (7-17 years old) Session Fee $60 (duration approx 1/2-1 hour)

NB: Concession/DVA/Pension card holders discounted rates available, just ask!



In this session I guide the client beyond the death in the past life, to journey onto the after life and connect to their immortal soul essence. The after life or bardo as described in The Tibetan Book of the Dead is our spiritual home, the place where we all go when our soul leaves our physical body and the place where souls dwell between physical lifetimes.
During this more advanced regression session you may meet with your spiritual guide, deceased loved ones, soul mates, master guides or spiritual elders. This can be an experience unlike anything you could imagine, you may also receive a deep healing.

Soul Regression Therapy - After Life Regression (SRT ALR) includes pre-talk and de-brief after session, also includes a recording of your session ~ in my clinic (NOT available online)

Session Fee $375 (duration approx 3-4 hours)

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Hypno-Energetic-Sound-Healing (HESH) Rebalance, recharge and reset your body, mind and soul. 

HESH is a blending of Hypnotherapy, Energetic Healing and Sound Healing Therapies. These therapies combined accompanied by sacred sound healing instruments penetrate deep down to the cellular level, clearing out the dissonance (the vibrations that don’t belong and/or are out of sync with the natural rhythms) and vibrating each cell back into order and resonance. The positive and inspiring hypnotic suggestions given during this HESH Session will be integrated within the Chakra System (energy centres), as we enjoy a bliss-inducing sound healing bath to refresh our being. Sound Healing is said to calm and restore the nervous system and bring greater peace and clarity to the mind. Sound Healing also activates the body’s natural healing abilities, uplifts your being, and allows the presence of your Higher Self to come forth more readily. Creating deep energy work and shifts in your consciousness to provide healing on all levels of your being. HESH is an incredibly powerful holistic healing therapy.


Hypno-Energetic-Sound-Healing (HESH) ~ in my clinic or online via Zoom

Session Fee $125 (duration approx 3/4-1 hour)


Soul Speak: The Language of Your Body; A Soul Speak Session will teach you how to illuminate the hidden messages your body is sending you when you manifest dis-ease of any kind.
You are not your body, you are an unlimited soul clothed in a temporary body ‘suit’ which allows you to create and fulfil your life’s mission and plan in this physical reality. Even though we may have forgotten we’re infinite, powerful creators, we came in equipped with everything we need to survive and thrive on this physical plane encompassed within our bodies.
Any ache, pain, illness or dis-ease is the body’s way of letting us know when we need to re-focus, change direction or discontinue down a certain path. No hypnosis necessary.

Soul Speak Session (SSS) ~ in my clinic or online via Zoom

Session Fee $125 (duration approx 3/4-1 hour)



We gather in a circle of like-minded women to meditate, to heal, to share our hearts and tea too.

 To co-regulate our nervous systems (when like minded women meet in a community set up / in a circle,

our minds and our hearts communicate and attune to similar frequency & that's very healing to our nervous system too) it's healing in action and so much more.

We hold a very tight sacred container and healing space for each other. We meditate, I play my sacred

sound healing bowls and instruments, we share (always optional), we heal, we journey, we drink tea and chat.

Sacred Women’s Circle (SWC) Meditation + Sound Bath + cuppa + bliss ball + chat ~ in my clinic

Session Fee $15 (duration approx 1 hour)



Together we can shift your mindset!

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